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Lifebook - Just Another Self-Development Program?

A year ago, I found myself extremely frustrated with myself. I knew I had big dreams for my life. I thought I'd be in Forbes 30 under 30 (or at least on that trajectory). I thought I'd be jet-setting and that I'd live in a beautiful, fancy house. I thought I'd be driving a sleek and chic new car. I thought I'd still have my ideal body. I thought I'd be highly adventurous - continuing my regular adventures like skydiving, sailing, or surfing.

But my reality was very different from the rough picture in my head of what I thought my life would look like in my 30's. To be fair, my life wasn't bad. I traveled abroad every couple of years. We made a trip somewhere fun domestically here and there. We were renting a house with a decent backyard. I'm married to a hard-working and handsome Brazilian man and we have an adorable cuddly pup. I'd been getting degrees and certifications, moving up the ladder, and I'd paid off all of my debt.

I thought I was doing all of the right things. And while I was so eternally grateful for what my life was, I also felt a sense of "is this it?" and "I know I'm capable of so much more than this - where did my sense of bravery and adventure go?" I constantly felt busy, but didn't have a lot to show for it. I was constantly drained and consumed a lot of Netflix and social media. I felt lazy and underwhelmed by life.

I heard a lot about others having wake-up moments during the pandemic - others who took hard looks at their own lives and weren't content with what they saw. And if this is or was you and that's why you're reading this, I can tell you right now, you're heading in the right direction. Read on.

Enter Lifebook: Program that claims it's transformational, no other like it, lasting. Those are some big promises, Lifebook! But it felt right. And on top of that, my mom had mentioned she wanted to do something to shake up her own life. So I bought two Lifebook programs through Mindvalley, one for each of us. We happened to enter in one of the few times per year that Jon and Missy Butcher, creators of Lifebook, host Q&A calls live.

During the first week, my mom and I realized this wasn't a one-hour per week kind of program. This was a five-hour per week if you're rushing it kind of program. The videos and live Q&A calls were so addicting. I couldn't wait to take a long walk to listen to the next video and soak it all in. Filling out my Lifebook each week wasn't easy at first and I tended to use a lot of example answers as my own, but as I started to trust myself more, the answers were more genuine and from deeper within myself. I would start to go back and add things to previous categories as I developed a better sense of what I wanted for my life. My mom and I barely spoke during Lifebook - we were each spending and free time we had to stay caught up on our Lifebooks. But when we did, Lifebook was all we talked about - aha moments, things we were stuck on, or self-realizations. I could hear her becoming a stronger person week over week. I'd also naturally started to make better choices - cooking healthy food at home, exercising and walking my dog more, and meditating.

At the end of the program, Jon leads Lifebookers through a meditation and visualization of what we want our lives to look like. I was shocked to see that I could see details in my dream house that I didn't even know I wanted. All of my senses could feel what it felt like in this ideal version of my life five years in the future. I was laughing with friends I hadn't even met yet. It was truly a magical experience. And even better... in that moment, I knew that that life was a real possibility and it was only five years away if I focused.

I went on to do Lifebook Bootcamp and Lifebook Mastery because I knew that the program worked and that I wanted encouragement and guidance to continue living this new lifestyle. The Lifebook community is full of other optimistic people working on living their best lives, which is so refreshing. I also found an accountability group that I've been meeting with regularly since January. They've become my friends and advisors in many cases. Because of them, I've had an extremely productive six months. They've helped me keep on track with health goals, spiritual goals, and a timeline I set up for a side project I'd started. I live my life consciously every day. If I watch Netflix or scroll through social media - it's because I'm making the conscious choice to do it. I honor commitments I make to myself. I notice how I feel when I go more than a day or two without meditating. I am more conscious about who I spend my time with and how I feel in different situations. I have more energy to work on what lights me up.

And most importantly, I no longer feel like the life I always imagined for myself is one million miles away. It's close and I can feel it. I can confidently say that I'm one year closer to that five-year vision I had for my life a year ago instead of the last year moving aimlessly in multiple directions.

I believe in this program - this tool - so much that as soon as it was announced that Lifebook alumni could become Certified Lifebook Leaders and facilitate others in their own Lifebook journeys, I knew I had to be a part of it. If you want to start your own Lifebook journey with me, please find out when my next offering is here and when you're ready to purchase, head here. And even if you don't want to do the program with me or a Lifebook Leader at all, I still highly recommend that you do this program. It won't just change your life, it will change the way you live your life.

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