Weekly group calls every week

Lifebook Premium

  • Lifebook 12 Category Training Videos

  • Lifebook 12 Category Templates

  • Personalized Coaching with me

  • Exclusive Lifebook Communities & Events

  • 6 weekly 90-minute group calls

  • Welcome group call

  • Graduation group call

  • Onboarding 1:1 call with me

  • Outbound 1:1 call with me


If that sounds like a lot - it is. This program is not for the faint of heart or someone looking for dipping their toes in the water. This is a truly transformational program that will take 8-10 hours of your time per week for 6 weeks. As someone who has been through the Lifebook program and lives her life based on the Lifebook way, I can tell you it is absolutely worth every minute. 

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