Breathwork is an alternative tool for emotional healing and stress relief. And the best part is that the breath does the work for you. All you have to do is show up and focus on the breath.

What Is Breathwork?
(Or rather, what kind of breathwork am I offering?)

The style of breathwork I’m offering is Revelation Breathwork©, similar to Rebirth Breathwork and a shorter but similar breathwork as Holotropic Breathwork. It’s ~50 minutes of a rhythmic breathing pattern, quicker than a normal, resting breath speed. Benefits that clients often receive from breathwork: stress relief, emotional healing, and access to spiritual experiences - some are even able to access memories from while in utero or past lives.


Clients often experience stress relief and emotional healing. Some are even able to access memories from while in utero or from past lives.

Who this is NOT for

Pregnant women or have anyone with  Covid-like symptoms at the time of the session should NOT do a breathwork session.

Anyone with the following breathwork contraindications should consult with their healthcare provider before participating in breathwork:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Angina

  • Heart attack

  • High blood pressure

  • Glaucoma

  • Retinal detachment

  • Osteoporosis

  • Recent injury or surgery

  • Any conditions for which you take regular medications

  • History of panic attacks, psychosis

  • Severe mental illnesses

  • Seizure disorders

  • Family history of aneurysms

  • Coronavirus or flu-like symptoms

What will the session look like?

Before the session, I’ll have you watch a 12-minute video to prepare for the session which will give you more information in what to expect. But basically, you’ll need a place to lay down flat (can be a bed, yoga mat, carpet), internet access to join via Zoom, and a blanket and pillow. You’ll want quiet and privacy – and you’ll want anyone close by to know that if you scream or cry for an hour, that everything is ok. At the beginning, we’ll talk to answer any questions and get acquainted and for me to get a general idea of what’s coming up for you (what you’d like to release). Then, you’ll get settled and ready to breathe with the camera set up so I can at least see your torso and whatever might be coming up for you during the session. I’ll play a playlist while you breathe for about 45 minutes and talk to you so you know you’re not alone and that you’re supported. The last ~10 minutes will be resting, like the end of a yoga class. Finally, we’ll chat a bit about what came up for you and how the session felt.


Our breathwork will be online via Zoom. I can also do in-person sessions in the Seattle area - send me an email to discuss this option more.