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Experience Lifebook Premium with a Lifebook Leader

Lifebook is a program that guides you as you write up a life blueprint for yourself. That's right, you write a book about who you are, what you want, and how you're going to get there. This results-proven program was created by Jon and Missy Butcher and has been taken by thousands of people like you - looking to build their dream life that they know deep down is possible for them.

Lifebook Premium is a hybrid coaching container that includes pre-recorded and proven-to-get-results videos by the Lifebook creator, Jon Butcher, as well as live 1:1 coaching calls with me, a Certified Lifebook Leader, to go even deeper to get maximum insight and clarity, not to mention accountability to take yourself and your life SERIOUSLY and to take full responsibility for your happiness and life satisfaction.


If you're finding out what Lifebook is for the first time here on my page, I highly suggest you first check out my Lifebook Leaders page - you can find it by clicking the Find out more button below. When you're ready to sign up for your Lifebook experience or you just want to find out more about the program, come back here and schedule a call with me to learn more about it. Schedule a Zoom call below.

Lifebook Premium with 1:1 Coaching

$850 USD for a 6-week container
Weekly 1:1 coaching calls

  • Lifebook 12 Category Training Videos

  • Lifebook 12 Category Templates

  • Personalized Coaching with me

  • Exclusive Lifebook Communities & Events

  • 6 weekly 60-minute 1:1 calls with me


This is a truly transformational program that will take 3-5 hours of your time per week for 6 weeks. As someone who has been through the Lifebook program and lives her life based on the Lifebook I wrote for myself, I can tell you it is absolutely worth every minute. 

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